Monday, January 18, 2010

Cinnamon, the Valentines Day Spice

A bedtime snack of toast and hot chocolate spiced with cinnamon can warm you up in more ways than one. It gives a whole new meaning to the innocent phrase red hot, as cinnamon has long been used as an aphrodisiac.

Associated with the God Apollo and the sun, cinnamon is also linked with the element of fire. Love charms and spells depend on the spicy scent of cinnamon and its essential oil. Gift shop scented brooms can be charged to bring love into the household where they are displayed.

Cinnamon is a spice, and not an herb, but is used by herbalists, cooks and witches because of it's beneficial properties.

Cinnamon incense brings a warm feeling on a cold evening, and can increase a mood and as well as a mans’ libido. A cinnamon scented candle in the bedroom will add to the romantic setting.

Because cinnamon goes so well with so many things, it’s easy to use discreetly as a love potion. Set the mood for passion by adding cinnamon and sugar to cider, wine or coffee. Cinnamon goes as well with squash as it does with apples or oranges. And no one will question a little extra in the potpourri.

For those who’d rather attract money than romance, make a bowl of cinnamon clay. Place a few coins in the bowl along with a slip of paper with the amount of money you need written on it. Once you get the money, bury the paper and the coins you used in the yard as repeat the process as the need arises.

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