Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trees and Shrubs can also be Considered Herb

We think of herbs as small plants that are grown in the back door. Often shrubs and small trees have wonderful medicinal herbal value. Don't overlook the benefit of adding elderberry to your herbal garden.

The trees and shrubs in your garden space define your area. Don't overlook their importance if you're planning a landscape. Choose trees that grow well in the area without a lot of attention from you, but don't forget to plant a tree or shrub that will hold a special meaning for you.
Be bold when looking for inspiration on what trees to plant. If you plan on living in your home long term, watching a tree grow and marking the progression of the years by comparing the height of tree with photos of the kids or grandkids who play beneath it can bring back pleasant memories each time the fragrance of the tree floats to you on a gentle breeze.
A seldom thought of small tree for the yard is the Elderberry. With beautiful blossoms that give way to fruit, the elderberry also plays an important part in herbal medicine and folklore. It has been used for such a wide variety of ills that it has been known as the peoples medicine chest.
Life presents many challenges but it’s nice to know that simple things can make it easier. Sometimes one has only to look around to see what is at hand. Need to keep witches at bay or ease painful sinus congestion? Grab a sprig of elderberry leaves.  Read More

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