Friday, January 29, 2010

I Think I Just Invented Contentment Tea

Herbal teas have been used to treat ailments for thousands of years, and sometime we get so caught up with the medicinal uses of herbs that we forget to just enjoy them for their flavor and the warm, cozy feeling we get from them.

Tonight, I have a backache from sitting at my desk too long. I also have a chill. All I wanted to do was put my feet up and relax with a cup of tea. I didn’t want caffeine, but wanted something quick. Luckily I had a box of chamomile tea bags. I plugged in the water kettle, added a dollop of honey to my big old mug, and searched through the spice cabinet to find something to give the chamomile tea some extra flavor.

I think I just invented Contentment Tea.

I added ginger and cinnamon to the honey and some warm water to mix it all together until the honey dissolved. Plopped in the teabag and filled the mug to the top with boiling water.

I gathered up my laptop and my tea, propped the pillows against the headboard, and was already feeling more relaxed as I brought the mug to my lips.

The first thing I noticed was how heavenly my tea smelled. I felt myself relax a bit more. But my first sip of the brew actually made me smile.

I wish I had measured out the honey, ginger and cinnamon so that I could share my recipe, but I didn’t. But it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that what I mixed together with my herb tea is giving me contentment. It’s warming, relaxing and comforting to me at this given moment.

At any given time you can make a cup of herb and spice tea to satisfy an unidentified need. Experiment. Don’t worry about not having fresh or dried herbs from your garden. You can use store bought teas and spices from a jar in a pinch.

So should I call it Contentment Tea or Comfort Tea?

photo under morgueFile Free License