Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dreams of Spring

The sudden scent of a fresh breeze from the open window mixed with the smell of fabric softener from the laundry room. It was more than I could bear. Deadlines be damned, I left the computer and ventured on to the back patio.

With the dogs content to doze at my feet, I just sat and enjoyed the early afternoon. Even the fat robins seemed happy to sit on the fence and keep me company. The perfect silence of a school day, the warmth of the sun soaking into the joints, the promising green shoots of the early perennials living in the sheltered areas of the yard, all did their best to lull me into a stupor. But my mind couldn’t be stilled.

I can envision the fresh green leaves on the branches that have not even started to bud. I can smell the roses on the cut back canes that are just starting to show a hint of green. The old cement flower pots hold their secrets tightly, not yet offering hints of the annuals or vegetables they will suggest holding when the time is right for planting.

Knowing a blizzard or two is yet to come, I was content to sit in the sun and dream. I saw the hammock that lives under the maple tree in the summer. I could smell the herbs and taste the berries. I think red petunias will look inviting in the wishing well in the corner.

It’s the first week of March. Bits of ice still linger in the shady parts of the yard. More will come. But today was a gift. I’m glad I took advantage of the offering and left the computer to just sit and dream.