Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Herbal Jams

If you don't have any fruit trees to harvest, don't despair. Check the Farmers Market and the produce store to find fresh and aromatic gifts of nature overflowing the tables. Load up the car because you can't beat the prices this time of year. What you can't eat fresh, turn into pies and crumbles. Then start canning and freezing for the winter months.

Don't forget the jams and jellies, either. Even a cup of sugar won't be able to overwhelm the freshness that will come through when natures gifts are preserved. As long as you're making jams and jellies, don't forget the herbs.

I'm not giving you a recipe in this post. Just follow your basic recipe, but be creative when adding the herbs. Think a bit differently this year. Use your imagination.

Don't limit yourself to adding mint to the apple jelly. The price of lamb is sky high and chances are you won't be eating a whole lot of it before spring. Think of what you'll be cooking this fall and winter.

Do you spoon a dab of jelly on the plate with your eggs? Maybe you should flavor a couple of jars of your favorite homemade jam or jelly with some fresh basil from your herb garden. And, it doesn't have to be apple jelly. We're being creative here. Basil flavored peach or pear jam would really perk up those scrambled eggs.

Do you serve applesauce with your pork? What fresh or dried herbs do you use to season the pork? Pineapple with your ham? Have you ever tried any other kind of fruit? Why not give it a try. Make homemade jam with the fruit you bought on sale and flavor it with any herb you use to flavor the meat.

Be creative. Think of a fresh fruit herb jam to use as a relish with all of your meat dishes. Turn your kitchen counter into a showcase of gourmet herbal jams and jellies. Make enough to pass out as hostess gifts and tuck some away to give at Christmas. 

But, first things first, make sure you have enough homemade jams and jellies for your family.

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