Thursday, April 8, 2010

Herb Garden Kit for Mother's Day

It’s not too soon to start thinking about Mother's Day, and few mothers would take offense at receiving an herb garden in a planter. You can give a living herb garden, or make up a kit if you have a mom with a green thumb.

There are a lot of attractive herb garden containers to choose from. A plain container in a basket, a personally decorated planter (especially if it can be decorated by grandkids), or my favorite, the strawberry planter, all make good container gardens for herbs.

If you’re making an herb garden kit, be sure to add enough sterile potting soil mix to fill the container. Put it in a plastic baggie and wrap it up in burlap. To make the soil look all earthy and natural, decorate it by tying it off with raffia.

Add packets of quality seeds, and don’t forget a marker for each kind of herb included. Darling markers can be purchased at most dollar stores if you don’t want to make your own.

Add enough gravel to cover the bottom of the planting container. Wrap it up in burlap and tie with raffia like you did with the potting soil. Make sure you mark what it is. Tuck the gravel kit into a small watering can and stick it in the container.

To finish off the herb garden kit, add a soil scoop, snipers, fertilizer and gloves.

If you’re planning to visit mom on Mother’s Day, go ahead and plant the seeds now so you can present mom with a living herb garden as a gift. You might want to make two. Use one for a gift and keep one for your own kitchen. Use it as a quick and easy source for cooking herbs and teas, scented greenery for the window sill, or with a little creativity with plant container decoration, the tiny herb garden will make a beautiful centerpiece for the kitchen table.